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Your Ideas Are Your Most Important Property
Grab the Advantage in Commercial Competition
Innovation and Information Are Your Greatest Capital

All inventions intended for changing the world or increasing the living comfort are for people. However, don’t you think you should take control of and claim ownership on your creativity within the competition rules and conditions in the world of commerce?

You are in a challenging struggle with your rivals in many sectors in the business life. In this competitive environment, there is a very efficient and short-cut path for highlighting yourself!

Many leading companies around the world have discovered an invisible property that is more important than investing in buildings, machinery or facilities. Investments made on intangible assets have led great contributions to their companies through implemented R&D programmes. So, what are these intangible assets?

Industrial Property Rights mean intangible rights that enable the innovations, discoveries, new designs and authentic works in industrial area to be registered in the name of their initial implementors or the goods/services produced and sold in commercial area to be registered in the name of the owners of the trademarks that will make discernible the producer or seller of the same, thus ensuring that the initial implementors possess the right to produce and sell the product for a certain period.

  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Utility Model (Petty Patent)
  • Industrial Design
  • Integrated Circuit Topographies
  • New Plant Species
  • Geographical Indications

Nowadays, trademarks have become more valuable than tangible assets. The power of the companies are measured with the value of their trademarks rather than the tangible assets they possess. The values and tangible assets of trademarks such as Apple or Coca Cola are considered in the range of trillion dollars. A new discovery or a new software leads the companies to receive millions of dollars of investments. As a consequence of such investments, not only your company is rised in value, but also added value is generated for the country.

Registering your industrial property rights in this competitive market grants you the right of monopoly. The innovation created is protected both nationwide and throughout the world. This monopoly gives you the opportunity to dominate the market you are in.

As Çetin Marka & Patent, we are standing with you and your company through our legal assistances during the registration processes and the following monopoly process.

Innovation and information are your greatest capital in this age of science we are surrounded. Remember…