Çetin Marka Patent Danismanlik A.S. was founded in 2020 by Trademark and Patent Proxy Atty.Çetin Marka Patent Danismanlik A.S. was founded in 2020 by Trademark and Patent Proxy Atty. Muzaffer ÇETİN, Atty. Burak ÇETİN and Atty. Arda ÇETİN in Çukurambar, Ankara. Within the same year, the company commenced business activities by unveiling its liaison office in Ankara OSTIM OIZ.


Products that shaped with imagination, developed through ideas and thoughts, processed with care and hardwork… Assets that designed with our own essence and touches…

You should notice that they are under risk if not claimed during the hustle of work!

Our mission is to broaden the existing consciousness by conducting awareness activities for valuable industrialists, businesspersons, education institutions and non-governmental organisations on the subject of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights to render the labour hammer of the labourer.

To line up the intellectual and industrial property rights with the value level demanded by the right holder.


Ensuring perpetual development in service sector by providing beneficial services through meticulous and efficient work.




Creating lasting success through mutual trust and cooperation accordancy and establishing corporate entities with outstanding humanistic values and being referred with respect.


It is a design created by use of golden colour on a black background.

Black represents the inclusiveness, protectiveness and balance that reside within everything.

It is also the colour of power, self-confidence, discipline and strength.

The golden is the symbol of richness, success and status. The golden, as well, is the colour of success and victory, the dream of everyone.

The meaning of this colour that is related with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophisticated values and grace is also translated as material richness and flourishing.

The stars in our logo are the symbol of human creativity, discoveries and inventions.

The inkpen figure extending towards the stars represents that the human creativity is noted down, thus “registered”.

The appearance of our logo is depicted as an anchor.  

Anchor is defined as the heavy, hooked iron tool that is connected with a chain to the ship and cast into water for the ships not to be dragged due to waves and flows. Through such definition it symbolises our area of activity in line with the principle of claiming the industrial property rights and thus preventing them to be grabbed by anyone but the right owner; so, basically it signifies “registration”.

The human figures opening their hands to both directions as a gesture of joy represents the victory of the inventor.

Of these figures that are also bi-directional, the left one reflects the past and the right one reflects the future. This underlines the industrial property rights passed on from one generation to the next one.