Industrial design is the appearance formed through characteristics of a product, such as decorative lines, figures, forms, colours, materials or surface texture located partially or entirely on the product. In short, the aesthetical outlook incorporating the innovative features of the outer view of the product is taken under protection as per the Industrial Property Law. This protection grants the holder with the right of monopoly regarding the outer view.

In order for the designs to be legally protected, they have to undergo a successful administrative and registration process. There are technical cases such as pursuing the process in the aftermath of the application to the Turkish Trademark and Patent Office, and raising objections against the assessments of the Office or third parties. After a successful administrative process, the design is registered.

Designs are protected initially for a five-year duration, which may be renewed for a maximum of five times. For a continual protection, annual payment intervals should be tracked, and annual payments should be made on a regular basis.

Regarding the employment provided within the scope of R&D activities, the labour contracts of employees should be prepared by the experts.

Legal actions for;

  • Determination of infringement
  • Prohibition of infringement
  • Prevention of infringement
  • Pecuniary damages
  • Non-pecuniary damages
  • Damages on loss of reputation

may be seeked against unfair competition.